Baltique Noir is a collaboration between the architecture and design studio Martensen from Hamburg and (Berlin based Gallery-Store) Bazar Noir. After creating a series of design objects for BAZAR NOIR Editions (K200/ s359c/ Cache) the partnership now enters the next level, offering a holistic living experience. The house is located in a small picturesque village on the northern coast of Germany and perfectly situated between nature reserve Geltinger Birk and the iconic lighthouse of Falsthöft. Impressive floor to ceiling windows offer breathtaking views of the baltic sea and the nearby danish south coast, obstructed only by a flock of sheep grazing right in front of the property.

The design of the interior underlines the serene mood of the scenery. The color palette reflects both the strong architecture and its natural surroundings with a mix of natural tones and black accents . The choice of material ranges from raw linen and wool, to delicate walnut and brass surfaces, to bold objects made of marble and metal creating a cosy yet subtly luxurious atmosphere. Bended steel tubes reoccur throughout the entire space and add to the overall sleek and graphic expression, contrasted by hand-made pottery and art objects created especially for this unique curation. 

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