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The representation of an arrow in its simplest form, a line segment with a triangle affixed to one end. The trajectory of the arrow is determined by weights that remain hidden within the brass fixture with optional hand-wrapped leather or suede detail.

APPARATUS is a New York based interdisciplinary design studio that explores the relationship of lighting, furniture and objects in their environments. Predicated on the modernist principle of gesamtkunstwerk or total work of art, fully articulated collections reveal each piece as an artefact from a singular vision -each imprint referencing the historical and cultural mood summoned by a holistic emotional landscape. APPARATUS creates each piece with a devotion to the rigour of small studio craftsmanship, centring the importance of the human hand in lending soul to an object. Sensual materials such as marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer and porcelain are combined with patinated brass to create the studio’s distinctive catalog. Underpinning every piece, whether it be a light fixture or a chair, is a deft balance between mechanisation and the hand-made, striving equally for the contradictions of perfection and the beautiful irregularity of humanity. APPARATUS galleries inNewYork, LosAngeles, and Milan each communicate the studio’s singular design ethos while also providing a distinctive, immersive experience informed by its location.The studio was founded in 2012 by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson. In 2021, the studio expanded its production to a dedicated factory inBrooklyn, where all pieces are hand-finished and assembled.

Size: Small or Large - also available as installation Small or installation Large 

Material: brass fixture - available with hand-wrapped leather, suede or matte python

Metal options: waxed aged-brass, waxed oiled rubbed bronze, waxed blackened-brass, lacquered tarnished silver [add 30% on price]

Leather options: cane, saddle, taupe or black

Suede options: ice, pewter, bronze, sepia, juniper, plum, black

Python option: matte black

Dimension: Small: W61 x L107 cm - Large W99 x L159 cm - fixed height to order 

Also available as Installation Small: W61 x L107 cm [x2] - Installation Large: W99 x L159 cm [x2] - fixed height to order 

Arrangement of any of the two Arrow fixtures: 3 canopy size options, final dimensions variable - contact us to begin a design process