The ambiance emanating within these walls offers privacy and intimacy for projects, meetings and events. If you want to explore some unprecedented location for photoshoots, collection launches, meetings and private dinners, look no further and get in touch. 


Bazar Noir is a hidden gem located on the west side of Kreuzberg, tucked between the bustling streets of the Bergmann quartier and the serenity of Viktoria park.

Address: Kreuzbergstrasse 78 -10965 Berlin


The single room is divided into various corners giving the open space a warm and intimate feel.

An elegant and carefully curated selection of collectible design, art, vintage objects, lighting and accessories is available upon request. 

Fact sheet

74m2 ground floor with black floor, ceiling and walls. Ceiling height up to 4,75m

23m2 mezzanine with glass railing and plywood walls. Height: 2,25m

Lighting and objects can be rented upon request. 

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