Alaka Mirror by Retegui

Reflecting elementary elegance, marble is combined with glass and mirror in proportions that create an overall stunning graphical effect. The basic shapes of Alaka mirrors become original and fluid thanks to the obliquely cut edges. This bevelling glides around the glass and continues its route along the marble ridges.

Designer Sylvain Willenz

Price: 2189€



28mm thick solid marble "Bleu de Savoie" hollowed at the back and reinforced with 12m thick coosa; Surround: mirror


H650 x D28 x W650 mm
H500 x D28 x W800 mm
H800 x D28 x W500 mm
H150 x D48 x W42,8 cm


Marble available in Markina black, Savoie grey, Carrara white, Emperador brown or Alicante red
Mirror available in grey, silver or bronze. Please note that the appearance of the slabs can vary in terms of color and shape of the grain because of the natural origin of the stone.

Additional information

Available with or without shelf upon request