Atlas Vases Series by Isabell Gatzen

Edition N°1 & N°2 are handcrafted in Ubud, Bali, all porcelain vessels are thrown by hand from exceptional materials such as white porcelain and volcanic sand and are finished with night blue glaze, dyed porcelain and 24k gold luster.

The materials and graphics of Edition N°1 are inspired by the island of Bali itself: Traditional black and white patterns, the gold ornamentations richly used in Balinese culture, and the black volcanic sands of the island shores have inspired this capsule collection.

Edition N°2 draws from studies of cartography. Meridians, equators, longitudes and latitudes are scribed and meticulously inlayed with dyed blue porcelain using the Korean sanggam technique.

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AC VE1: Height 30cm | Diameter 9.5cm | 1.9 Kg AC VE2: Height 30cm | Diameter 9.5cm | 1.9 Kg AC VC1: Height 27cm | Diameter 25cm | 2.8 Kg AC VC3: Height 27cm | Diameter 20cm | 2.8 Kg

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