State and Fate of Biodiveristy by Clément Itsthevibe

Biodiversity loss is the extinction of species worldwide, reduced biodiversity leads to reduced ecosystem services such as pollination and eventually poses an immediate danger for humankind. Butterflies are plant pollinators like bees, and play a much bigger role than just be colourful creatures. Clément uses them as a symbol for biodiversity and what it provides to humankind. He applies real gold on the butterfly’s body to emphasise on the value that biodiversity represents. No reasonable being would burn money or gold, yet that is what we do through deforestation, climate change, etc. so he sets them on fire. Setting the butterflies on fire is a very disturbing process, they burn very fast and the fumes emanating from the gold are unpleasant, toxic. Artistically, the hypnotic dance of the flame combined with the natural beauty of the butterfly creates a seducing paradoxal result.

itsthevibe is a multidisciplinary artist, he combines a mix of street artistry, photography, performance and mostly conceptual art that he translates in reality. A hint of poetry, a dash of philosophy, some politics and sweet critics, most of his productions have a twist of humour that engages in a dialog with the viewer. Generally taking place in an urban environment, the majority of the pieces are ephemeral, viewed as pictures just like some souvenirs.

This artwork was inspired from itsthevibe’s artwork “Present & Fate Of Biodiversity” this piece was part of an installation at BAZAR NOIR , in December 2018.

Price: 450€ / print – 2500€ for the series of 6


Gold-platted butterflies set on fire. Photoprint under acrylic glass


45 x 30 cm

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Series of 6 different photographs/ 10 prints each - Edition 2019

Art, One of a kind