Butterfly Installation by the artist itsthevibes

itsthevibe is a mix of street artistry, photography, performance and mostly conceptual art in reality.

The menu is served with a hint of poetry, a dash of philosophy, some politics and sweet critics. Most of the productions have a twist of humour that engages in a dialog with the viewer. Generally taking place in an urban environment, the majority of the pieces are ephemeral, viewed as pictures just like some souvenirs.

For the artist Clément Guyot, a strong artwork is a combination harmony between the message and the aesthetics, a symbiosis between body and soul.Because individual realisation often comes from collective inspiration, thank you even if you don’t know why.

This artwork was inspired from itsthevibe’s artwork “Present & Fate Of Biodiversity” this piece was part of an installation at BAZAR NOIR , December 2018.

Price on request



Gold plated butterflies, branch paint and electric motor



Art, One of a kind