• Coal Soul by Ferreol Babin
  • Coal Soul by Ferreol Babin
  • Coal Soul by Ferreol Babin
  • Coal Soul by Ferreol Babin
  • Coal Soul by Ferreol Babin

Coal Soul by Ferréol Babin

Ferréol Babin collaborates mainly with various furniture and lighting editors where he can incorporate his singular vision and approach of design. His main concern is rather based on an expressive plastic than a dialog between rationality and lucrative topics, while his language of plastic has an obvious brutalist approach.  Dirty-hands, mix of mediums such as painting, sculpture, design and handcraft play their role in each of his creation. He draws his inspiration from nature in general and likes therefore to translate the contrast of nature and technique while mixing improbable materials together and trying out some innovative techniques. By that mean he comes up with various finishing and dares unlikely mix of colours, lines to emphasise on contrasts and to mark extremes, opposites and antipodes. These mix of characteristics are present in every and each of his  creation which emanates in balance and perfect harmony.

The Coal Soul lamp is a matt, dark and rough piece that seems to have been burnt or aged by time. It is a still and silent object, frozen like a statue.

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PVC, wood and steel structure covered with pigmented Jesmonite and LEDs



Black and anthracite shades

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Standard EU voltage (220v)

Lighting, One of a kind