Dining Table 230 by Handvärk

This piece of furniture is a statement to itself and exudes luxurious Nordic appeal. The surface of the table is composed of eight large pieces of marble honed and polished, which gives it a sleek look.  The marble platters are mounted in a slender black frame and brass joint elements which rehearses and reveals the elegance of the table. Each piece of marble is picked according to its natural variations and following its natural veins, therefore each table has its unique touch.

Design by Emil Thorup

Price: 2599€


Honed and polished marble, powder coated steel frame and brass details


D96 x L185 x H74cm - Weight 86kg D96 x L230 x H74cm - Weight 106kg


Honed black, honed white, honed grey marble or polished green marble.

Black, white or black with brass details frame

Additional information

Delivered in flat packages and is 90% assembled. Lead time 5/6 weeks - Montage and delivery are extra services, not included in the given price.

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