Grebo Kru War Mask

Masks have played an important role in African societies for many centuries, some could have been created in the image of god-like beings, which once upon a time would have appeared. Little is known about the use of masks among the Grebo and Kru people of Liberia. The Grebo literally means “Those Who Made It Across the Water,” and according to the legends, they migrated from the sea to their current habitat. The origins of Kru people are still historically unknown and the term “Kru” is of unknown origin, too. Speculations tend to relate that ancestors often depicted what they actually saw and created images of ancient sky visitors and their equipment on rock carvings, and often made masks in the likeness of theirs gods. This war mask is primarily designed to terrify and could also serve during the funerals of warriors. Tubular projections represent several sets of extra eyes.

Price upon request



Solid wood


H43 x B20 x D 11cm


Dark brown

One of a kind, Vintage