I Model Pendant Lamp by Anour

The I-Model pendant light adds elegance and beauty to any space. Its cord or cordless versions allows a certain flexibility to arrange the piece within a specific set-up and space. and in different materials: copper, brass, steel and wood with different surface treatments. It also have an integrated touch dimmer located on the lamp to adjust the light intensity. I-Model Cordless is a new serie of products that reach a higher level of simplicity. These pendant lamps are almost floating in the air to create a graphic appeal that will beautify your space.

Price: 1729€ – 1869€


Brushed brass. Also available in different finishes upon request


Available in L150cm, L200cm, L250cm or L300cm


Different brass finishes available upon request: brushed, polished, browned, oak, black stained oak, browned copper, brushed copper, polished copper, oxydized copper, blued steel, rusted steel

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