In Hale Table by Ben Storms

InHale, for its part, breathes pure matter: an impressive piece of marble and a ‘remnant’ as basis. This monumental block of over 200 kg is carried by an inflated metal cushion, in which it snugly sinks into. This contrast produces a surprising effect: a heavy rock is – as it were -resting on a volume of air. The whole construction is enwrapped by the metal cushion.

Price on request

2/8 – Limited edition of eight pieces


Marble Noir de Mazy - inox - air (90%)


L200 cm x B100 cm x H30cm Other dimension possible upon request


marble available in black (Marbre Noir de Belgique) or textured (Saint-Anne) - Cushion available in metal or brass



One of a kind, Tables and Desks