Les Serments d’Épictète 02 by Max Boufathal 

Les Serments d’Épictète are based on a metal structure made of galvanized iron wire inspired by natural forms such as plants, birds and invertebrate shells. Once completed, the structure is reinforced with rattan, bamboo or metal cut and shaped to the size of each interval, thus creating a notion of regularity and mathematical progression inspired by the golden number. These masks evoke the protections of fencing or kendo and suggest an ambition of warrior parade. What is usually known as traditional African masks are here revisited and constituted from simple and appropriate elements. This collection constitutes the raw material, the poverty of the artist, shaping in its own way the forms of the material world to decorate its gigantic final installation which can take the  the shape of an  army or a museum.
Max searched for a while and tried to find different ways of putting up together these structures, one night the solution came to him in a dream and gave me a solution.

Price on request


Wire, plastic strings, ribbon and bamboo


H97 x L85cm


Navy blue, red and yellow

Art, One of a kind