Memento Barstool by Jesse Sanderson – WDSTCK 

Five lines and a circle – the human body can be as simple as the drawing of a five year old. Inspired by the same simplicity Jesse Sanderson designed the Memento, a chair in its purest form as two leather rectangles with a steel lining. With a sturdy oak school chair from the 1950’s in mind, Sanderson takes us back to his childhood where he recalls how he repeatedly balanced on the hind legs of that exact chair. His longing for simplicity derives from Calvinistic times of frugality, thrift and perseverance. Nostalgia enables him to take a step back in our ‘fast forward’ world. By applying traditional craftsmanship and expressing his personal view, Sanderson designs intelligent yet simple hearted objects.

Price: 740€


Steel and leather




Steel available in matt black powder coat or transparent powder coat - leather available in matt black, classic brown , moss green or light grey

Wdstck is an Amsterdam based brand offering art and design from seven different artists. Most objects are available in limited copies and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

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