Monochrome Caixal Loom by Formabesta

Based on the traditional techniques of high-wrapped looms, “Caixal” is a solid wood frame in which geometric compositions of forms are woven to give an ornamental perspective. Caixal explores the possibilities of colors, kept in the frame it is initially made in, it gives to the piece its singular look.

Formabesta is a Galician-based Studio which designs and produces functional, simple but yet elaborate objects. The studio is runned by Salvador Cidrás and Vicente Blanco, through their work they are aiming to recover the traditional and artisanal Galician way of manufacturing.

Price: 5000€ Sold

Similar items available upon request


100% Merino wool and brass frame


L100cm x H 130cm


Beige also available other colour Merino wool upon request

Art, One of a kind, Textile