Patina Oil Lamp by Klong

The designers Broberg & Ridderstrale strove to get into an emotional value of the oil lamp Patina. They have received several prestigious awards for its innovative design. 

The thoughts behind the design:
”When you put your hands on the lamp, a natural pattern occurs and gives the product life.  Normally it requires decades to get an object to have a beautiful patina. Coating is a memory of its use and context. Thanks to the geometrical shape and the untreated copper, the oil lamp Patina gets an accelerated patina.

Price: 129€-199€

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Iron with a matt polished copper surface, clear or frosted glass


Available in three sizes:
8 cm x 30 cm
10 cm x 40 cm
17 cm x 40 cm


Available in copper, brass or ceramic Ceramic model comes in off white, mouse grey or matt black finish

Additional information:

French quality burners, frosted or clear glass, polished copper surface is made of stainless steel with frosted or plain glass tubes.