Sejnane Terracota  

These playful Terracotta pitchers, vases, plates and cups are shaped and fired by woman communities in the small town of Tinja in northern Tunisia. The tradition remains in the family and the art of pottery making is being perpetuated from mother to daughter from generation to generation.

Each item is hand-painted and carries imperfections which makes them so unique.

Price: 19€ – 139€

Other models available – photos on request



Terracota and paint


Pitcher: Hx32 Lx19 x P12 - Weight 2 kg

Vase: H36 x L20 x P20 - Weight 3 kg
Plate: H8 x L34 x Px34 - Weight 2kg
Cup: H10 x L9 x P9cm - Weight 0,350kg


Dark brown and white

Additional information

This collection is hand made therefore some small irregularities in shape or surface will occur, they are inherent to the hand made process and should not be seen as flaws.