Syzygy: Eclipse by OS△OOS

In astronomy, a syzygy – syz·y·gy [siz-i-jee] – is a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system. The word is often used in reference to the Sun, the Earth and either the Moon or a planet, where the latter is in conjunction or opposition. Solar and lunar eclipses occur at times of syzygy, as do transits and occultations. These lights are inspired on the same principle, the light source is constant, remaining always on. The light is adjusted by a subtle rotation of three light filtering discs places in front of the light source. The rotational combinations of these three discs mimic the effects of a syzygy. This physical blocking of the light was an important aspect in the designers concept, where a total of three different lights demonstrate the three different aspects of a syzygy; transit, occultation and eclipse.

Price: 2600€


Glass, filters laminated on glass, rubber, wood and concrete


28 x 17.5 x 12 cm (circle ø 170 mm)

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Limited edition : 36 + 2 AP + 1 Prototype

Lighting, One of a kind