Brass Stationery by Futagami

Toyama based Metalware company Futagami has been producing handcrafted brass and bronze objects for over 100 years. Their collaboration with designer Masanori Oji has produced a unique and elegant series of contemporary household products.

Price: 59€ – 279€ 



Solid brass


Trays: Small: 8,7cm × 7cm x H 1,3cm
 Medium: 14 cm × 8,7cm x H 1.3cm
 Large: 21 cm × 8,7cm × H 1,3cm
 Paper Weights: approx. 2,50 cm- 7,5cm across Tape Dispenser: 15,6 cm ×4,5cm × 12 cm

Additional information:

Brass color will slightly change with time

Accessories, Stationery