Terra by Morgan Ruben

Terra is the result of merging biology and design; a series of unique glass cylinders that encase miniature plants. From orchids to the tiniest carnivorous plant, these “satellite” worlds provide refuge for the unique, the rare and the beautiful. Most of the plants are originally from tropical rainforests, wetlands and moist Savannah’s – places that are rapidly disappearing or changing because of the human influence.

Price: 1950€

Limited edition of 5


Hand blown and borosilicate glass, walnut wood and brass


L40 cm x H 15 cm x W15 cm

Additional information

LED: CREE XP-G R5, Lumen: 488, Wattage: 1.05, Voltage: 12, Color: 6500Kelvin All products have EU certified components but due to the exclusivity of the products (limited edition) do not have a certificate as a whole.

BENELUX, Objects, One of a kind