Throws & Cushions  by Mourne Textiles

Irish heritage brand Mourne Textiles have been weaving at the foot of the rugged Mourne mountains for over half a century. A family business begun by Norwegian design pioneer and grandmother Gerd Hay-Edie, the traditional weaving techniques created on custom-made looms have been handed down to daughter Karen Hay-Edie before passing the baton onto her grandson, Mario Sierra.

From humble beginnings in a small workshop in the late 1940s, Gerd’s name was soon to become a staple in mid-century British design through long standing collaborations with Robin Day for Hille and Terence Conran, producing specially designed upholstery and rugs. Her Tweed Emphasize and Mended Tweed fabrics were also celebrated within the fashion industry when they were shown as part of Irish designer Sybil Connolly’s 1956 Spring and Winter collections.

Bringing Mourne Textiles into the 21st century but staying true to the history and tradition of the workshop, Mourne continues to source much of their yarns from Donegal and custom dyes them to match the heritage pieces originally created by Gerd. These yarns are intrinsic to Mourne’s Irish-Scandinavian roots and with a rich and textured quality and warmth, their throws and cushions are a testament to Gerd’s classic style, standing the tests of time.

Price: 149€-469€


100% wool
According to model: Mohair or Tweed


Throws: 125 cm x 175 cm
Cushions: 45 cm x 45 cm