Vintage Nyanga Mask from Burkina Faso

Among wooden masks – molo ans nwenkel, escort masks – ¬†nyaga entertainment masks are representative rather than representational. They do not represent any living tangible being human or animal and as a result these masks are stylised and willingly abstract. A mask with human features may be added onto a curving antilope horns and a great bird’s as it represents a character of Dwo which doesn’t take a human or animal form. Similarly, animal shapes do not mean that the mask represents an animal but recall the spirit of one, which saved the founding ancestor of the clan. Allegorically and non representational masks incarnate the spirit of Dwo, the son of Wuro also ¬†often revealed in the form of miniature metal masks.

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Wood, pigments, kaolin, indigenous repairs, traces of use and natural patina


H77 cm


Burkina Faso- Ethnic group Bobo - XX century

One of a kind, Vintage