Alaka Mirror


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The Alaka mirror by Retegui reflects an elementary elegance, a marble frame proportionally combined with a glass mirror, creates an overall graphic effect. The basic shapes of the Alaka mirrors draw their originality from the design of their simple curves and obliquely cut edges. This bevelling glides around the glass and continues along the edges of the marble. Design Sylvain Willenz.

Available in various style: round, vertical or horizontal and size: small or large

Round Small: MIRRD/ Ø 650 x 28 mm

Round Large: MIRDSH/ Ø 650 x 128 mm

Vertical Small: MIR800/ H800 x 500 x 28 mm

Vertical Medium: MIR800SH/ H800 x 500 x 128 mm

Vertical Large: MIR1500/ H1500 x 480 x 28 mm

Horizontal Small: MIR500/  H500 x 800 x 28 mm

Horizontal Large: MIR500SH/  H500 x 800 x 125 mm