Archè is featuring strong, solid legs with clear geometries that support the circular harmony of its deep seat. The result is an armchair with a design that is both futuristic and primitive. An evocative shape like a metaphor, enriching in and outdoors with its symbolic beauty. Design by Verter Turroni

Imperfettolab is first and foremost a family story, an experimental design laboratory based in Romagna, Italy, and run by Verter, the patriarch. Together with his family, they design and manufacture furnishings pieces in total autonomy and in their own design language. In the world of design, the name Imperfettolab evokes the beautiful imperfection of the material which makes the object exclusive. And that is exactly what these creations are about, uniqueness and authenticity while being sanded, painted, and polished by hand. Attention to detail and skillful practice, results in hybrid works, between art and craftsmanship, appreciated and chosen by renowned international architects, where the limited-edition dwells in collectors’ homes. 

Material: fiber-glass 

Dimension: H110 x 118 x 118 cm

Price upon request