Olga Bezanson is an artist working with fibre and textile. Her soft and incredibly tactile materials sculptures are made of rope and thread, they underline impermanence of works, their vulnerability and sensibility - the very topics raised by the artist's art exploration. Materials such as fibre and textile are associated with smoothness, inconstancy and warmth - while sculpture, in the traditional sense of the word, is something solid, permanent  and cold. In her works, soft materials play an important role as they serve her as a means of expressing her feelings and emotions. The artist monotonously repeats one single type of knot countless times,  a very meditative and slow process which Olga’s unique perspective is formed by her propensity for self-reflection. Minimalistic and expressive, calm and dramatic - her designs are full of contradictions she finds in herself.

Unique piece 

Material: cotton rope, painted wood

Dimension: 4,5 x 31,5 x 103 cm - wood 45 cm

 Color: black