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kc rest is part of the first collection of out of space – a team of interdisciplinary professionals who combine research and aesthetics to create a whole new way of developing and producing sustainable products. kc is lightweight two-seater bench with a movable head cushion. It is made from the new ma­te­rial, karuun color and the col­lection fea­tures four prod­ucts all of which centre around the unique prop­er­ties of this new ma­te­rial. The col­lection is char­ac­ter­ised by a clear and reduced design language, not to mention the nov­el use of rattan as wood­en boards. kc Col­lection is therefore not only eas­ily dis­tinguish­able from tra­ditional rattan prod­ucts, but the debut of karuun color also rep­resents an innovation in fur­ni­ture.

Karuun® color, cotton-linen cushions and aluminium base frame

Size in mm 1335 × 620 × 1400 

Available in red/red , blue/light blue, black/natura, black/black - Surface coated with water-based color and wax protection

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Weight: 30 kg