Matylda is a series of sculpted flamed wood censers designed by Jan Garncarek a Polish designer based in Berlin. Jan's main inspiration is a subtle combination of old things with what is called contemporary, which is not only an art that requires enormous artistry of the design but also the domain of his company. During the development of the project, two intentions constantly accompany him - the preservation of the testimony of Warsaw culture before the war, which in glory years did not differ from European capitals, and an interdisciplinary search for inspiration in functional art, sociology, and anthropology. It is constant tracking of the new solutions and opportunities, but also the need of looking at objects not only in a usable way. Jan Garncarek is a Polish designer renowned for focusing on unique, high-quality materials and fine details. Curated galleries across Europe and the U.S. feature his work. Products are crafted in a non-industrial manner with meticulously chosen materials. 

Material: flamed wood 

Dimension: available in 3 sizes 

L: H36 x L11cm - M: H26 x L8cm - S: H16 x L5.5cm

Weight : L: 1.5kg  - M: 1kg - S: 0.7 kg

Additonal information: handmade in Poland