Syzygy Occultations


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OS△OOS lights are inspired on the principle of sun rising and sun sets, the light source is constant and always remains on. It is adjusted by a subtle rotation of three light filtering discs places in front of the light source. The rotational combinations of these three discs mimic the effects of a syzygy. This physical blocking of the light was an important aspect in the designers concept, where a total of three different lights demonstrate the three different aspects of a syzygy; transit, occultation and eclipse. The final result is an atmospheric light inspired by the sun and its surrounding celestial bodies, where the light quality can be adjust on a human scale. An occultation occurs when an apparently larger body passes in front of an apparently smaller one.


Glass, filters laminated on glass, rubber, wood and concrete


in cm 9 x 20 x 44 - (circle ø 170 mm)

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Limited edition: 36 + 2 AP + 1 prototype