Between the interface of functional objects and visual art, Lucas Morten invites you to an era where contemporary questioning social thoughts meet the history of brutalism. 

During a visit to the Jewish Museum in New York city, Lucas Morten got fascinated by the Star of David and its many strict angles and sharp tips. It was out from a geometric play with parts from the star that the Udd table took its shape. In order to keep a whole expression from getting too strict, the artist found a way to hand- anodised the aluminium which enabled a more organic paint pattern and gave the piece a sense of uniqueness. 

Lucas Morten is a multi-disciplinary artist  juggling with various mediums, resulting either into functional objects or visual arts. Regardless of the chosen art-form, Lucas invariably manages to translate an idea while bringing up his own  reflection  on some specific fundamental and social topics. His individual way of questioning our present day’s -world, takes the viewer  in his own dreamland where his own way of conveying an idea and omnipresent examination of thoughts take his design to another level of expression. 


Limited edition of 27


Anodised alumimium


L170 x W45 x H27 cm


Dark brown anodised aluminium