Anfora Vase's is a creation from Sardinian designer Maria Paola Piras, carefully studies ancient vessel forms from the island and utilises a blend of clays unique to each shape. Her chosen method involves handcrafting every piece using the coil technique before firing them in a traditional wood-fired clay oven. Instead of using glazes, Paola opts for either stone polishing, giving a mystical and metallic appearance, or applying various waxes for a distinct finish. Anfora Vase is a part of the Before Zero Collection, taking its design cues from the traditional Sardinian water urns of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Material: wood-fired mixed clay with beeswax finish

Dimensions: Medium W31 xD30 x H32,5 cm / Large W45 x D42,5 x H 43 cm