Living in an aesthetic environment, resonates with our being and reflects on our mood but it takes more than just four surrounding walls to evoke the feeling of home. At BAZAR NOIR we strongly believe that a true homely feeling dwells from within. With that in mind, we have embarked on a quest to uncover the topic of quietude, a journey that naturally led us to a simple yet grounded way to connect from within.


tær is our haven of peace - derived from the french ,terre' - earth. The element that nurtures, shelters and sustains life, a home for humanity.

When in contact to the ground, our body connects to the earth's conductive systems and synchronises its electrons through natural frequencies. In our personalised session, focus is achieved on simple yet effective breathing techniques and stretching postures. A combination of breathing movement performed on the ground enables to align body and mind to a soothing and meditative state. 


During the ,anchored meditation’ practice you will experience the benefit of deep and long breathing techniques combined with slow-motion body stretches. Gentle yet effective movements allow you to connect with all senses. 

The practice becomes a guiding tool that takes you to another level of awareness. Not only you will discover how to listen to your body but you will also be able to connect with your inner-self through stillness. 


Let us guide you on your way home. 

We offer customised one-on-one classes, small group sessions and workshops. Reach out for more information at