At BAZAR NOIR, we recognise the importance of creating a beautiful living environment for our well-being and mood. We however believe that a sense of comfort comes from within, and that it takes more than just four walls to truly transform a space into a home. That is why we are committed to exploring the concept of quietude and its ability to foster a meaningful and simple connection with ourselves and our surroundings.


tær* is our answer to achieve a source of tranquillity. In contact with the ground, our bodies connect to the earth's conductive systems and synchronise electrons through natural frequencies. Our personalised sessions focus on simple, yet effective breathing approaches and stretching postures. Combining respiration and movement while on the ground helps align the body and mind, inducing a soothing and meditative state.

*[tær, which comes from the French word "terre" meaning earth]

During this meditation practice, you will benefit from a series of breathing  exercises intermingled with mere stretches. These gentle yet powerful movements will help you connect with all of your senses. Engaging with your inner-self through stillness allows for increased awareness and understanding of your body's signals. The practice serves as a guiding tool to reach a deeper level of insight and interpretation. 

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