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The Forge candelabra is the result of skillfully combining brute strength with the power of fire. This fusion yields a sophisticated and polished object, marked by the intricate textures from the forging process. The presence of fire, represented by the candles, is carried by an object birthed from within its flames. For the making of this object, ÆTHER/MASS worked closely together with Dujardyn, master blacksmiths.Belgian designer Davy Grosemans is behind the brand, each piece of his collection serves as an exploration of new and uncharted processes, materials and production techniques. Repeated experiments are performed to redefine the meaning and essence of an object.The objects are tangible outcomes of the studio’s exploration into myriad materials, processes and craftsmanship techniques. Crafted by Dujardyn

Material: forged steel - black beeswax finish 

Dimension: W72 x D35 x H24 cm 

Weight: 9 kg

Additional information: limited edition of 12 signed and numbered - delivered with a certificate of authenticity - Photo courtesy:  Jean Van Cleemput