This vase is drawing inspiration from the picturesque city of Tivoli, the captivating Tivoli Collection from MMAIRO pays homage to the Travertine marble found in the city's river. For generations, this natural stone has been utilized in iconic Italian architecture and decoration, such as the Colosseum. Ivan Colominas reinterprets this fine material in his new collection, featuring tables, stools, vases and centerpieces with smooth lines and a stunning combination of Travertino Navona and Woody, along with a unique Emperor Dark marble. Revel in the beauty of this exquisite homage to the gem of Tivoli. Design by Ivan Colominas 

Material: travertine, marble and walnut wood 

Dimensions: available in Small: 14 x 25.7cm or or Large: 15 x 31,7cm

Colour: beige [Navona| and Black [Emperador]