ZTISTA Mirror takes his name from the hand-sculpted FAINA’s eponymous material: ZTISTA,  a sustainable blend of clay, hay and other recycled materials, designed to assure its return - some day- back to nature. Ztista material awakens the senses through its tactile quality and conveys a positive feeling through its pure energy.

FAINA Design is a multidisciplinary live design studio founded by architect and designer Victoria Yakusha. With her team, all projects are linked to make Ukrainian design recognizable to the world, playing the role of modern Ukrainian design ambassador, which reveals the soul and creativity of their people.

Material: Up-cycled steel frame and live ZTISTA material: a blend of cellulose, clay, flax fibre, wood chips, biopolymer cover.

Dimension: Ø 800mm 

Weight: 12 kg

Additional information: made with a technique similar to the Ukrainian craft of 'valkuvannya', once used for wall finish, each piece slightly differs, casting the process of handcrafted creation.