By letting the palm tree speak its native and original language, the collection chooses a raw refinement. The meticulous hand braiding forms a mat that reveals the warm exoticism of the buri. The fibre will be used as a textile or, as here, transformed into a wall covering.

CMO Paris offers remarkably unique wall coverings and textiles crafted by esteemed artisans. With decades of experience in the field, these expert purveyors of natural fibres have decorated some of the most prestigious establishments. Their collection features a refined blend of textures, all possessing a beguiling raw beauty and real authenticity.

Material: 100% palm leaf on non woven backing - Buri quality 

Dimensions: usable width 90cm 

Additional information : certified fire resistant - due to the nature of the fibre, colours may vary from one production to another

Référence: - Buri Blond CMO WPA 05 15 - Buri Noir CMO WPA 04 80 - Buri Ecorce: CMO WPA 04 75 - Buri Havane: CMO WPA 04 70

Price: per width/ 76€