Tapestry no.03 leverages varying yarns and construction processes to produce a creative decorative wall piece. Dark brown hues bring balance to the predominant beige tones. Securely hanging the unevenly-shaped product is made easy with wooden loops attached to the back.Cappelen Dimyr is a Copenhagen-based creative collective dedicated in producing artisanal rugs and tapestries from natural fibres. This collection boasts a vibrant bohemian, warm, and artistic aesthetic, and is proudly crafted with conscious attention to detail by specialists in India using traditional techniques.
Material: 85% wool and 15% cotton

Dimension: 120x120 cm

Additional information: Cappelen Dimyr opts for all-natural materials such as unbleached linen & wool for their products, reducing the environmental impact. Each piece is crafted by hand, washed with natural soap & dried with the sun's rays. The production process is free of chemicals and constantly refines practices for greater respect for people and planet. Their products meet Good Weave Certification & Care & Fair standards. Hand knotted and woven in India