Yoishu is a daybed designed by Inge Lagae and inspired by her travels and the people she met along the way. Amazed and energised by the materials and craftsmanship of different cultures, she has here combined her work with the French designer Isabelle Yamamoto, to create Yoishu. Both have a strong dedication to Japanese culture and design, and together they conceived the daybed for the KANA collection. It consists of a futon and pillow created by Yamamoto in pure linen that suits the dark and brutalist frame of Lagae's work.The Yoishu series represents a unique fusion of tradition and contemporary design. The sleekness of its minimalist design has given a soft edge by the choice of materials used. Linen are the creation of Isabelle Yamamoto who masters an exquisite crafting of the vintage hemp of both pillow and mattress.Limited edition 

Material: solid wood available in natural, smoked or swamp oak

Dimension: 220x 800 x 350 mm