The Senza Fine Collection's defining feature is its main material, Black Antiaris, a slow-drying wood of African origin. The wood is carefully cut and assembled to create a unique veneer sheet that serves as more than just a surface, but a narrative etched into the very wood itself. The finishing process is equally meticulous, with five layers of varnish carefully applied and allowed to dry for three days, resulting in an ethereal shine on the objects. Senza Fine sideboard is a storage unit, composed of a sand-blasted black ash wood structure with the internal back lined in Velvet Leather.The doors are made of Black Antiaris wood veneer lacquered in glossy polyester. Gio Pagani is a Milan based designer who leverages a team of artisans to offer Italian craftsmanship as a foundation for distinct pieces that are timeless yet cutting-edge. His production process relies on a combination of high couture and physical labor, resulting in meticulously crafted items.

Material: sand-blasted and ash and  Black Antiaris African wood veneer and lacquered and black velvet inlay 

Dimensions: W100 x D45 x H160 cm 

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