Blackbird Coffee Table series come in three variations boasting a lacquered, glossy, or matte lightened wood top in the GIOPAGANI Crayon colour selection, secured by a metal plate to the base. This base is composed of an elegant lacquered curved wood cylinder with a matte black painted wood plinth. The Mid and Low versions feature a polished steel tray integrated into the top. Gio Pagani is a Milan based designer, he leverages a team of artisans to offer Italian craftsmanship as a foundation for distinct pieces that are timeless yet cutting-edge. His production process relies on a combination of high couture and physical labor, resulting in meticulously crafted items

Material: crayon wood structure 

Dimensions: available in high, mid or low version

Low: L120 x W127 x H26 cm

Mid: L77 x W83 x H36 cm

High: L50 x W50 x H46 cm

Finish and colours: available in matt or glossy finish - white, black,dark brown,  beige or rust colour

Additional information: pricing ex. VAT