L'Armando unifies two elements to generate a unique presentation piece; the gap between them becoming part of the art. A transitory, dream-like reflection of the designer's aesthetic, this harmonious composition is enhanced by expert craftsmanship, yielding organic curves and an alluring poetic elegance. Designed as dining table, it  is divided into two independent complementary parts that can be placed side by side. Each part is composed of a metal structure covered with green onyx plates with a polished steel base. Gio Pagani is a Milan based designer, he leverages a team of artisans to offer Italian craftsmanship as a foundation for distinct pieces that are timeless yet cutting-edge. His production process relies on a combination of high couture and physical labor, resulting in meticulously crafted items.

Material: green onyx and steel details 

Dimensions: L270 x W127 x H74 cm

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