Mer Noire -Cliff

Damien Gernay x BAZAR NOIR

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Mer Noire coffee tables are inspired by the sea, an element that is both attractive and frightening, due to its perpetual movement and changing appearance. The artist tried to capture a moment of this liquid element, freezing forever a fragment of the sea's surface. Leather was the ideal material for such an undertaking because of its liveliness, its modularity and its texture, which like water reflects a caustic effect.

Damien Gernay's work is experimental, driven by his desire to challenge the boundaries between art and design. His practice extends to furniture, lighting and accessories and his pieces often bow to nature and enigma; his broader work focuses on materiality, texture and ambiguity, where the imponderable plays a key role in his practice. Error is accepted and assimilated, making each piece unique in its own complexities and paradoxes. 


Leather, steel, broken marble


each piece L70 x W40 x H38 cm



Price per unit: 2600€ per piece