Shell1 Table


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Certain forms are ubiquitous or at least generally recognised. These archetypal forms simple as they are, often produce innovative results when taken out of their original context and used as a new starting point for furniture design. By playing with dimensions Casimir confused the shape of Shell1  does it remain a dish or is it a table? Ultimately, he leaves it up to the user to decide whether Shell1 - a segment of a hollow sphere made of solid wood and has an arched bottom -serves as object or furniture piece. Casimir is a Belgian industrial Design who is celebrating three decades and has won several awards in the industry with the production of six wooden objects that straddle the line between furniture and art. He describes himself as a furniture artist, although abstract in form, all of his designs are intended to be used. Casimir chose to work with wood as he rates the authenticity of the material and its sustainable nature.

Material: available in solid European oak, cherry or walnut wood, FSC certified, oiled finish

Dimension: available in Ø120 x 30cm or Ø150x 37.5cm

 Additional information: each piece is signed, numbered and certified by the artist