No.13 boasts a fully hand-knotted construction and a hand cut pattern, complete with twisted wool fringes along the sides. This piece is crafted in the Cappelen Dimyr tradition, utilizing New Zealand wool and exhibiting the amazing craftsmanship of the brand. Each product is unique, with any variation in color or detailing a result of its handcrafted nature. 

Cappelen Dimyr is a Copenhagen-based creative collective dedicated in producing artisanal rugs and tapestries from natural fibres. This collection boasts a vibrant bohemian, warm, and artistic aesthetic, and is proudly crafted with conscious attention to detail by specialists in India using traditional techniques.

Material: 85% wool and 15% cotton

Dimension: 230x280 cm or 290x350 cm - fringe: ca. 17cm

Additional information: this shaggy, long pile rug is more prone to shedding, so regular vacuuming is recommended. Hand knotted in India