Tapestry no.05 is a vibrant wall piece made from 100% natural linen, an expressive decoration piece designed with long fringes in order to create an artisanal look. This is an avant-garde interpretation of traditional textile art – handcrafted and singular.

Cappelen Dimyr is a Copenhagen-based creative collective dedicated in producing artisanal rugs and tapestries from natural fibres. This collection boasts a vibrant bohemian, warm, and artistic aesthetic, and is proudly crafted with conscious attention to detail by specialists in India using traditional techniques.

Material: 100% natural linen 

Dimension: 80x100 cm 

Additional information: The piece is hung using Sheesham wood planks, inserted in pockets on the flat weaved backing. Sheesham is one of the most durable and sustainable woods in  India. Cappelen Dimyr exclusively employs natural materials, such as unbleached linen and wool, which minimizes environmental damage. Each piece is hand-trimmed, washed with natural soap, and solar-dried. No chemicals are utilized during the production process. The company continually evaluates its practices in the interest of people and the planet and is certified by Good Weave Certification and Care & Fair. Hand knotted and woven in India