The 2LOVERS Stool Set showcases a love-inspired design, crafted from high-quality marble for a seductive and elegant look. With uniquely rounded edges and a strong yet delicate construction, this mesmerizing piece exudes both power and grace. Versatile enough for endless placement options, this stool can become the standout feature of any room.

Pepe Guerrero has a deep understanding of finding the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. Through his work, he expertly conveys feelings of harmony and beauty, encouraging contemplation and dialogue with one's surroundings. Notable for his skilled use of materials, he brings out their expressiveness and natural qualities to create mesmerizing works of art that capture the viewer's attention. His refined sculptures gracefully attractive are drawing the viewer to explore the harmonious interplay between form and emotion. Handcrafted in Spain from top-grade marble

Material: Travertine marble - open pore finish

Dimension: H42 x W90 x D42

Weight: 85kg for each element  

Additional information: also available as individual element - limited edition of 33 pieces delivered with a certificate of authenticity