Sardinia's largely rural population has cultivated a culture of homemade tools that reflect their agro-pastoral lifestyle. One iconic example is the bankitu de ortigu, a lightweight and durable stool crafted from cork bark in a geometric crossover pattern. These stools are versatile and suited for purposes ranging from shepherding sheep to harvesting olives.

Designed by Maddalena Casadei, she was inspired by the simplicity of their construction to create the Accanta collection, a trio of small stool/tables that can be kept near at hand for myriad uses. She chose to work with a chunky compressed cork, left 100% natural with no lacquer or varnish.

Material: pressed and craved Sardinian cork 

Dimension: H30 x W97 x D47 cm - due to the artisanal way of making these pieces dimensions can slightly vary from the given information