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ÆR is the essence of Bazar Noir – a scent of duality that encompasses light and dusk. Empowered by smokey ajowan cypress, deep and earthy notes of hiba and sandalwood are vividly enlightened by the delightful dew of jasmine Sambac and green bergamot. Composed of 100% botanical essences. Place the charcoal diffuser on its metal base and add a few drops of the essence on the surface of the cube. The essence will slowly diffuse itself in the air while creating a subtle scent. Each box is made of paulownia wood and handcrafted in Ishikawa – Japan.

AOIRO is an air design studio run by Shizuko Yoshikuni - a Japanese scent designer, and Manuel Kuschnig -an Austrian communication designer. Together they travel the world in search of the highest- and purest-quality sources of botanical essences in order to develop unique scent creations. They devote their passion to creating olfactory interpretations of concepts in the air. They have studios in both Berlin and Tokyo, and work widely with international clients.

Available as oil diffuser or air mist spray  

Ingredients: essential oil of Ajowan, Hiba, Sandal wood, Jasmin Sambac and  Green Bergamote

Size: 50ml