Alteration by studio b severin

Alteration by studio b severin

Birgit Severin

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Light regulates the human biological clock. Its brightness and colour affect people mood. It tells about the time and suggests type of activities. This light that allows to control the atmosphere of the surrounding.

Alteration is composed of various elements - reflector, projector and  a counter weight system-  which asks for interaction. The light projector is set on a counter weight system which allows to move in an up and down movement. Placed above the reflector, the light bounces on the acrylic disk and reflects its colour shade onto the wall.

Modifying the distance between the projector and the disk changes the light effect.The closer the light is from the disk more colourful it will be, the further is stands from the disk it will become brighter.

Designed by Guillaume Neu- Rinaudo

Material: Brass, powder coated steel, 3D printed nylon, wood

Dimension: lamp shade_ H20 x W5,7 x D5,7 cm - pulleys_ Ø7,5 x D1 cm - ceiling structure H29,5 x W20 x D9 cm - bowl_ Ø43 x H9 cm - disks Ø17,5 cm

Specs: GU10 base up to 240V, exclusive use with up to 15W LED light bulb (EU, USA & CA)