The cassapanca sarda, a large wooden chest to store linens, is one of the more ancient pieces of furniture on the island. There are prehistoric bronze models of these chests, as well as examples in every region which share the same general structure, differing only slightly in decoration and style.

Chiara Andreatti & Pierpaolo Mandis worked together to make Ancas Credenza, a sideboard with the same spirit as the classic Sardinian chest. It retains certain mechanisms from its antecedent - such as the lid that lifts on the top section, the inclusion of intaglio wood carving and the massive, block-like center. 

Materials: layered chestnut & poplar wood panels for structural stability, chestnut hardwood details

Dimensions: H175 x W150 x D53 cm

Additional information: Made of chestnut wood and assembled completely by hand in Mandis’ workshop, Ancas is a substantial, sculptural reimagining of a prominent piece of Sardinian history. Made to order piece