Angelo M by Leo Aerts

Angelo M by Leo Aerts

Leo Aerts

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Designed by Leo Aerts in honour of Angelo Mangiarotti a renowned Italian architect and industrial designer. The design of Angelo M is the essence of a round or oval table made out of natural stone featuring a sculptural form, sturdy material, an elegant line and a refined finishing. The table is simply composed on two elements - a base and its top which form together one whole. The bottom is one running curve from table foot to edge while the conical connection creates a stable unit. The collection offers eight marble variations and different sizes.  Thanks to its sturdy material, the table is perfectly flexible and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

Material: various marble finishes available upon request: Kyknos, Grafite, Travertino Rosso, Grey Saint Laurent, Picasso Green, Port Saint Laurent, Travertino Silver, Rosso Lepanto and Bianco Statuarietto in a honed finish.


Angelo M/SR 45 : ø 45 x 62 cm

Angelo M/SR 55: ø 55 x 48 cm

Angelo M/SR 80: ø 80 x 36 cm