The Aria ceiling lamp draws influence from a swaying fabric, combining brass and linen in perfect harmony. Crafted from hand-sculpted patterns, solid brass rods retain the maker's touch and emphasize the beauty of imperfection. Hand-embroidered linen fabric showcases a child's sketch, stirring emotion and a longing for life. Aria finds a balance between art and utility, combining high-quality materials with refined details for an artful presence.

stem. is an Indian design studio focused on producing objects for the home. Aman Bhayana and Sugandhi Mehrotra lead the way, adding a sense of tactility to their creations. Together they seek to make products with a cultural and social relevance, examining the purpose of items in their physical environment. All designs originate from a conscious desire to be useful or inspiring. They closely work with Indian artisans, exploring ways to use craft and sustainable materials to articulate their vision. Every piece is carefully handcrafted in India and made to last a lifetime. 

Material: hand-buffed brass, hand embroidered linen fabric 

Dimension: W1420 x H500 x D400mm 

Weight: 10,5 kg

Additional information: Light source/ LED strip - Wattage/ 12W - Kelvin rating/ 3000K - Classification/IP20 - for indoor use only - not dimmable - voltage/ 220-240V/50-60Hz

Care instructions: the brass frame of the Aria Ceiling Light will naturally darken over time. To maintain the original finish, use a metal polishing cloth and some non-abrasive polish. Please note the light's weight when handling. For cleaning the fabric artwork, first unscrew the clutch wire screws and knobs, then remove the rod from the sleeve inserts. Dry-cleaning is necessary, and you should steam-iron both sides before re-installing. Never wash the fabric, nor expose it to water; be sure to handle with care to prevent any damage or staining.